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TAG 2 / F2










  • The small F1 Tag can be used in conjunction with the Series 1 and 2
  • The Tag is used for marking or supplementary color coding of animals
  • It is appropriate for the use of goats ,pigs and for animals with smaller ears.
  • The Dimension of the Tag is 58mm x 35mm
  • The Tag can be Laser printed with any information you request
  • The Tag is available in packs of 25 in the following standard colors: White,Yellow orange,Lime Green,Blue,Dark Green,Pink,Purple and Red
  • The following colors can be manufactured on special request as it is not stock items: Brown,Turquoise gold,Silver,Cream and Terracotta
  • Tags for Africa Ear Tags are manufactured from high quality, UV resistant PVC Polymer, plasticiser ,HMF stabilizer and color  pigments to withstand the harsh SA weather.