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Warehouse tags


Background to Tags for Africa Warehouse Tagging systems:

  • Most Warehouse operators in the Southern African market struggle to find long-lasting, durable and visible methods to identify storage locations, pallets and shelving/racking spots
  • Current methods to mark floor or shelving/racking spots with stickers for bar code scanning are sub-optimal as damage, tearing or destruction occurs far too easily
  • Conversion to RFID scanning methods are sought by many but affordability and conversion costs remain prohibitive
  • Most local bar code sticker producers seem unable to provide stickers of lasting quality and also service users ineffectively
  • Tags for Africa was established to end the confusion about service, quality and price
  • Tags for Africa provides the complete range of warehouse identification Tags and accessories that satisfies all users needs, especially their desire for excellent service, quality and price advantage


Technical features of TFA warehouse Tags

  • Tags for Africa warehouse Tag housings are manufactured from high quality, UV resistant, Co-polymer and colour pigments
  • The Warehouse Tag “window’s” material is a transparent, strong and stiff thermoplastic with outstanding impact resistance and optical clarity.
  • They possess a tensile strength of 9,500 psi and an flexural modulus of 345,000 psi.
  • It has a heat deflection temperature @264 psi of 132°C.
  • Tags for Africa warehouse Tags are available with custom Laser and Bar Code printing.

Practical features of Tags for Africa Warehouse Tags

  • Tags for Africa warehouse Tags are made from durable materials that ensure long lasting and secure identification
  • Tags for Africa warehouse floor Tags can withstand all stresses caused by forklift tyres as the bar code or number printing are indestructible
  • Tags for Africa floor and pallet Tags are printed using a Fibre Laser technology that imprints a permanent, non-erasable marking into the warehouse tag insert, so that identification markings remain scannable at all times
  • Available in yellow as standard colour plus 8 other custom colours as specified by clients for orders of 1,000 Tags or more

Tags for Africa Retail price list and packaging sizes

Tag Type* Dimensions (mm) Price per unit Price per bag (25 per bag) Price per bag (100 per bag)
Tags for Africa Warehouse Floor Tag 160 x 120 x 7  35.00  750.00  3000.00
Tags for Africa Pallet Tag 114 x 73 x 2  5.50 137.50  550.00
Tags for Africa Shelf Panel Tag 1 100 x 100 x 2  4.00  100.00 400.00
Tags for Africa Shelf Panel Tag 2 100 x 55 x 2  3.00 75.00  300.00
Tags for Africa Floor Tag Bonding Glue** 5 litres  380.00    

Tags for Africa Retail price list and packaging sizes

Installation Charge R8.00 each
Floor Cleaning Fluid R80.00 per 5 liter
Call out Fee R350.00